Why hiring an interior designer is worth it

There’s a time and place for everything, including hiring an interior designer.
If you want to make changes in your home it’s a good idea to get help from an expert. Why?

Because we guide you through the whole process, lay out all the possibilities (that are within your timeframe and budget), answer your questions along the way, and we’ll also take the work off you and coordinate everything.

All this saves you time, effort and money.

What you’ll find here

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Why hiring an interior designer is worth it
Nadine, founder of Malmö-based interior design studio NH.DESIGN.

Hi, I’m Nadine

Interior design expert, globetrotter and the creative mind behind this blog and NH.DESIGN.

I’m originally from Germany but have been living abroad for over 10 years, from Canada and the UK to Sweden.
So I ask myself the question what “home” means every day.
I have made it my mission to help as many people as possible to find their own answer to this.

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Hiring an interior designer to save money

Wait, what? How is it possible to save money when you’re spending (admittedly, quite a bit) on design fees?

Because let’s be honest: Interior design is a luxury service, it’s as simple as that.

Anyone who wants to tell you otherwise is lying (yes, you can find cheap “designers” on fiverr who create beautiful but completely non-functional interiors so you get what you pay for).

The secret to saving money when hiring an interior designer is not so much a secret at all:

As interior designers, we are experts in what we do. So we know how to combine colours and materials, lay out a room functionally, and source products within your style and budget.

That means we know all the different websites and where to get the best prices.

We also have connections to suppliers and manufacturers so we can negotiate better prices.

And most of us (myself included) have trade discounts we can pass on to you to save you even more money.

So you save money by outsourcing a task that takes skill, experience and knowledge, to an expert.

Because your time is money, too.

But one of the most important things that make hiring an interior designer so worth it?

Because of our experience and knowledge we avoid costly mistakes!

❌ Painted the room the wrong colour and now you have to do it all over again?

✔︎ Avoided by knowing which colours go best in different rooms depending on lighting, surrounding materials and undertones, having a library of different samples to choose from and by creating a full concept of the room before making decisions.

❌ Bought a sofa that’s too big for the space and now you don’t know how to furnish the rest of the room?

✔️ Avoided by knowing how to functionally lay out a room by placing furniture according to design principles and feng shui, and using design software to ensure pieces fit the space before purchasing.

Don’t waste your valuable money by designing your home trial-and-error style.

Book a free Discovery Call with me today and get my expert help to design your dream home!


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    Save your valuable time for the important things in life

    Instead of spending hours, days or even weeks trying to make sense of all the inspiration out there, finding your style, scouring furniture websites, reading reviews, asking endless questions in FB groups…you can just sit back and relax while an expert designer does all this for you.

    Of course there is still an investment of time needed from your side, after all it’s your home, but it’s minimal compared to the time you’d spend doing everything yourself.

    And that’s just the design part. What about the implementation?

    Finding the right contractors for the job, coordinating everything during construction, ordering materials and furniture, dealing with delays or damages…all this takes time, too.

    Time that you could spend with your family and friends (or on vacation, because there’s E-Design as well).

    Imagine you have someone knowledgeable and experienced guiding you through this journey, taking all the overwhelming decisions and time-consuming things off your shoulders.

    Book a free Discovery Call with me today and get my expert help to design your dream home.


    Hire an interior designer to make sure everything fits your space and needs

    Remember the example in the money section above, the one with the sofa that’s too big for the space?

    That can easily be avoided when you’re hiring an interior designer for your project.

    We make sure the furniture not only fits the space but it’s also functional for your needs. That can mean anything from practical to easy-to-clean to stylish, depending on how you live.

    Because that’s the most important part (and the one many people forget): your home has to be functional for how you use it. The making it pretty part comes after.

    Interior designers create a floor plan for your home to make sure everything fits, furniture is the right size and walkways have the right dimensions. And we know these things, so we don’t have to spend hours googling or reading blogs to find this information. Which again, saves you time to more fun stuff.

    Styling Secrets guide by NH.DESIGN

    Styling Secrets

    Learn how to style any room in your home like a pro with my Styling Secrets guide.

    Get the security that your choices will look good in the end

    Painting all the walls or just an accent wall?

    Dark or light colours?

    What to do with the wall above the sofa?

    The look of a space is what makes us feel at home. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful, meaningful things in our home gives us comfort, and an interior designer helps with that before you even make any changes.

    How? Through design concepts, 3D renderings and samples.

    Seeing your new home come together through design boards, renderings and samples before making decisions gives you the security that everything will actually look the way you imagine.

    You get to see the furniture in the virtual space, see all the colours and materials together and can touch and feel the samples before buying anything.

    Make sure the ideas in your head actually turn out the way you imagine

    Book a free Discovery Call with me today and get my expert help to design your dream home.


    You see, hiring an interior designer is worth it in so many ways: saving time, money and your own sanity!

    If you enjoyed this post, follow along for more interior design tips and inspiration on my Instagram @nhdotdesign and sign up for my Welcome Home Letter.

    Take care, Nadine

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