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Start your bathroom renovation with expert design advice!
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Whether you’re a homeowner or a fellow designer, this essential resource will help you create bathrooms that are both functional and beautiful.
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Mock-Up of the Bathroom Design Cheat Sheet by NH.DESIGN.

Afraid of your bathroom renovation because mistakes can get expensive?

Let me guess:
You’re not sure how much space you’ll need for the new shower?
You really want that bathtub but don’t know if it will fit?
And you just don’t know how to lay it all out so the bathroom is really transformed rather than just leaving everything where it is.

I totally get it!
Making any one of these mistakes can get really expensive really fast, so knowing how to avoid them is key.

That’s why I created the Bathroom Design Cheat Sheet to help you design a bathroom that’s both functional and beautiful!

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    Save Time

    Save hours of research with my comprehensive cheat sheet that provides all the key measurements you need in one place.

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    Expert Insights

    Get professional tips and dimensions from an award-winning interior designer, ensuring your bathroom design is both stylish and functional.

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    Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Ensure your bathroom remodel is seamless with dimensions for all key elements, helping you avoid costly mistakes.

    Nadine, founder of Malmö-based interior design studio NH.DESIGN.

    Hi, I'm Nadine

    Interior design expert and the creative mind behind NH.DESIGN Studio.

    Interior design for me is all about creating spaces that feel like home.
    The base for this is a functional layout and floor plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
    My designs always focus on combining functionality and form to create timeless interiors you’ll love coming home to.

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