Scandinavian design stores in Malmö - an Interior Designer's Guide

Scandinavian design is famous around the world for its functionality and simplicity, and Sweden is one of the countries that has taken it to a whole new level.
Malmö’s center is lined with amazing stores full of Scandinavian designer furniture and home furnishings, and one of my favourite things to do on a rainy weekend is to browse through them and get inspired.

Let me take you on a journey to discover the best Scandinavian design stores in Malmö.

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Scandinavian design stores in Malmö - an interior designer's guide


Address: Stortorget 31
Opening times: Monday – Saturday 10 – 19, Sunday 11 – 19

Starting the tour at Stortorget, one of Malmö’s main squares, you find Bolia, a Danish design store. All furniture and home furnishings here are inspired by nature and sustainable materials, and are thoroughly tested and certified before hitting the sales floor.
Bolia’s style is very modern, light and sleek, and combines the famous Scandinavian simplicity with organic forms, colours and materials.
Furniture and home furnishings are displayed in small vignettes to give an idea of real-life solutions and spaces, but you can also choose pieces from beautifully coordinated wall displays.
The shopping experience at Bolia is almost unique in Malmö because once you enter the space you’re not only surrounded by their signature scent, you’re also greeted immediately and invited to have a coffee. 
You can browse the store at your own pace, test and try furniture pieces and move things around to design your own solutions.
Another unique part of the experience is their creative hub, a space where you can choose from Bolia’s extensive range of textiles and other finishes to create your own personal mood boards.

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    Address: Södergatan 5
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18, Saturday 10 – 16, Sunday Closed

    The Norwegian furniture company Slettvoll has been around since the 1950s when it started as a project by Hans and Bergit Slettvoll. It was named Norway`s Company of the Year in 2015 and focuses on timeless and comfortable design.
    The store is not very noticeable when you’re walking down the street, and when you do notice it, the dark colours and dimmed lights make it look very exclusive. And it is, but it’s also very inviting and cosy once you’re inside. 
    The colours, materials and shapes of Slettvoll’s furniture remind me of transitional North American design like Studio McGee.
    Everything in the store seems to be oversized which I absolutely love!

    Svenssons i Lammhult

    Address: Södergatan 28
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18, Saturday 10 – 17, Sunday 11 – 16

    The Swedish design store Svenssons i Lammhult is one of Malmö’s largest home furnishing stores. On 2400 m2 across 3 levels Svenssons curates furniture, lighting and accessories by some of the world’s most well known designers and brands, like fermLiving, Hay, String and more.
    The displays change seasonally and there is almost always a campaign going on offering discounts on a lot of pieces.

    Fun fact: Svenssons i Lammhult used to be an old movie theater!
    You can still get that grand theater feeling when walking in through the main entrance from Södergatan.

    Olsson & Gerthel

    Address: Engelbrektsgatan 9
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 18:00, Saturday 11:00 – 16:00, Sunday Closed

    Olsson & Gerthel began as a gallery in the 1980s with a focus on architecture and art. Susanne Gerthel and her husband Håkan Olsson opened the store in central Malmö 10 years later with the idea to offer furniture, lighting and art.
    Today the offer includes pieces by many well known designers as well as a design service.
    Most of the furniture and home furnishings are coordinated and displayed as small vignettes but Olsson & Gerthel also has separate rooms furnished and styled to give real-life inspiration.


    Address: Engelbrektsgatan 20
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18, Saturday 10 – 16, Sunday 12 – 16

    If you’re looking for more classic, hand-made Scandinavian furniture, Norrgavel is the place to go. They almost exclusively offer their own brand and focus on traditional Swedish design mainly made from wood and other natural materials.
    Besides furniture Norrgavel also offers to create custom rugs and other textiles. The basement showroom is also where you can pick up most of their shelves and other wall storage products.


    Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 9
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18, Saturday 10 – 17, Sunday 11 – 16

    Designtorget is a curated collection of 6 boutique stores in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Their aim is to bring design closer to people which is why they have chosen to not only open their stores in easily accessible areas of the city but also offer their products in larger retail stores like Ahléns and online.
    Designtorget selects products focusing less on the designer’s or brand’s name and more on innovation, high quality and sustainability, which is why you can find pieces by both well known and lesser known (or even new!) designers at Designtorget.


    Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 17
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18:30, Saturday 11 – 17, Sunday 12 – 16

    Another boutique store that curates home furnishings from various designers and brands is Boligheter. The small store sells mainly home furnishings like decoration, lighting and smaller furniture but you can order a lot more from their website.

    The space is always bustling with people, the customer service is great and their kid’s collection is absolutely adorable.

    Other Scandinavian design stores worth visiting in Malmö

    If you’re looking for more interior design inspiration or budget friendly designer re-creations, there are many other stores to choose from. From second hand to vintage and retro, Malmö has it all.

    H&M Home

    Address: Gustav Adolfs Torg 2
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 11 – 19, Saturday 11- 17, Sunday 12 – 16

    The Home section of H&M opened in central Malmö in 2020 and is a very popular spot for affordable and trendy Swedish design.
    Walking in you’re greeted with a small vignette that changes seasonally, always giving new inspiration. The small flower shop in the heart of the store has anything from leafy green plants to dried flowers and pampas grass.


    Address: Kulthusgatan 1
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 20, Saturday and Sunday 10 – 19

    The most well known Swedish furniture and home furnishings brand in the world, IKEA, has one of the largest stores in Sweden just a little outside the city center.

    IKEA Malmö was chosen to be one of the 2 test stores for a new concept, turning the store into a home furnishing experience center. Part of this transformation is a sustainable food project in which most of the greens served at the store’s restaurant are grown on-site in a large incubation container.

    AB Smaland

    Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 25-27
    Opening times: Monday – Friday 10 – 18, Saturday 10 – 17, Sunday 11 – 16

    If you’re looking for more vintage inspired, classic Scandinavian pieces, you have to visit AB Smaland. It’s a beautiful mix between second hand and local, hand-made furniture and home furnishings as well as clothing.
    They also have a great restaurant and cafe which offers locally grown or sourced meals and drinks.

    Fun fact: The tables and chairs in the restaurant are for sale, too. So if you like what you’re sitting on, you can buy it!

    Bonus: Form/Design Center

    Address: Lilla Torg 9
    Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 17, Sunday 12 – 16, Monday Closed

    If you don’t just want to shop for Scandinavian design pieces but also learn about their origins and history, you should visit Form/Design Center in Lilla Torg.
    Over 3 levels the space is used as a stage for architecture and design exhibitions, workshops, lectures and public debates.
    It’s run by the not-for-profit association Svensk Form Syd and aims to educate people about design, better living spaces and sustainable development.
    The space also includes a nice cafe and inner courtyard, and entry is free.

    Thanks for reading my post about the best Scandinavian design stores in Malmö.
    I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

    I would love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback about it!

    See you soon in Malmö, Nadine

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