How to design a laundry room

Designing your laundry room should be a fun project, creating a space that is functional but beautiful at the same time.
There are ways to design a laundry room that functions well for you and your lifestyle, and that still looks aesthetically pleasing. So let’s look into how to design your laundry room step by step.

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Create a Mood Board

The very first, and in my opinion most important step, in the process of designing your laundry room is to create a Mood Board.

If you don’t know what that is, a Mood Board is a collection of images to visualise the style, design elements, colours, materials and the feeling you want to create in a space. Without it you’ll go blindly into purchasing furniture and fixtures, painting walls and putting things together that at the end don’t work well together. You’ll spend time and money on something that doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. To avoid that, creating a Mood Board is key.

You can find tons of already made Mood Boards on Pinterest or you can make your own using the free online design tool Canva. 

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    Set a budget

    When designing your laundry room make sure you set yourself a budget.
    It’s easy to get side-tracked by all the beautiful inspiration out there and get your heart set on something only to find out it’s way out of your budget.

    It’s also important to track your spendings during your laundry room project; I use this Google Sheets Budget Planner I created.
    I set the overall project budget and then allocate different amounts to different areas of the project (like furniture, lighting, construction etc).

    It’s up to you to decide where to splurge and where to save when designing your laundry room.
    I personally like to spend a little more on appliances, materials and finishes, and interior organisers like drawers and less on fancy paint or wallpaper.
    For that reason I use IKEA’s METOD/SEKTION kitchen range as a base: the cabinets are great quality at an affordable price but I can customise the interiors and fronts to fit any style and function.

    Find out how much to budget for renovations of different rooms.

    The best laundry room layout

    The layout is important in any room but especially in the laundry room where things need to flow and the space needs to be functional and efficient for your daily needs.

    Depending on how you’re using the space there are a few key things to consider when designing your laundry room layout. Start by doing a needs-analysis for the space and write down all the things you do in your laundry room throughout the day. Also think about other people who might use the space, like children, and create the right solutions for them, too (e.g. child safety for cabinets storing detergent but also the right height so older kids can help do the laundry).

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    Pro Tip

    The right walkway dimensions are key. Distances between opposite cabinets should be a minimum of 120 cm (47”).

    Nadine, founder of Malmö-based interior design studio NH.DESIGN.

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    Colours & materials

    The right colours and materials are important when designing your laundry room. Now the word “right” doesn’t mean there’s a wrong choice, it just means it should be right for you and your lifestyle.

    To decide the best colour scheme and materials for your laundry room, ask yourself how you use the space. Look at your needs-analysis from the beginning, consult your Mood Board and based on those make your decisions.

    Wall colours & finishes

    Lighter colours make a room look bigger but also show scuffs and scrapes more easily. Darker colours create a more cosy, intimate feeling but can also make a room look small.

    Generally, the rule of thumb when creating a colour scheme for any room is 60:30:10. That means that your main colour should take up 60% of the space, a secondary colour 30% and an accent colour 10%.

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    Pro Tip

    For best durability and look, use semi-gloss or satin paint for your laundry room walls.

    For the area behind sinks it’s smart to use a backsplash, like in a kitchen. This could be the same material as your countertop, tiles or just a special water-repellent paint.


    The right flooring is key when designing your laundry room. It needs to hold up to lots of foot traffic, kids, pets, cleaning and more. Durable and easy to clean are the top priorities for most people when designing their laundry room.

    Flooring is also 30% of your colour scheme and should be considered carefully.

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    Pro Tip

    Check the rating of your flooring to make sure you choose the right kind. It should be slip resistant, easy to clean (meaning that it can handle water), and be made for medium to high traffic areas.


    Laundry rooms are very much like kitchens when it comes to the hardware like taps, sinks, but also knobs and handles. Make sure you choose things based on their functionality first. This could mean choosing handles over knobs because they’re easier to grip. Or choosing a motion-sensor tap so you don’t have to touch it with soapy fingers.

    The White Guide by NH.DESIGN is a helpful resource to choose the right white paint colour.

    The White Guide

    Not every white is the same, and choosing the right one isn’t easy.

    Learn everything about undertones and how to pick the perfect white paint colour for any room in your home with my White Guide.


    A key element when designing your laundry room is the right lighting. There are 3 types: general, functional and mood lighting.

    For general light it’s good to stay away from pendants or any fixture hanging too low to avoid hitting it when opening cabinet doors.
    Functional lighting is the most important type in your laundry room. Countertop lighting is great when folding clothes, ironing or trying to get nasty stains out. And lighting inside drawers can be good to find things more easily.

    Also read my lighting guide for your home.

    With these design tips it’s easy to design a functional and beautiful laundry room.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Take care, Nadine

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