Redefine IKEA hacks

Custom IKEA kitchens & storage that combine style & functionality

Transforming IKEA products into bespoke masterpieces, tailored specifically to you and your needs.
With over 11 years of international experience designing for IKEA, I bring a unique blend of insider knowledge and creativity to transform your home.

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NH.DESIGN has been featured in Architectural Digest.

Why NH.DESIGN Studio?

Unique IKEA expertise from around the globe

With over 11 years of international experience working as designer for IKEA in Germany, Canada, the UK, and Sweden, I bring unique expertise and creativity to your IKEA hacks.
I create bespoke designs that reflect your style and needs, turning IKEA’s products into sophisticated, personalized and one-of-a-kind pieces.
By combining affordability with custom luxury touches, I ensure every detail of your home feels uniquely yours.

Ready to transform your home?

A bespoke, high-end kitchen designed by NH.DESIGN using METOD kitchen cabinets, customized fronts, and bespoke carpentry.

Luxury Within Reach

By combining IKEA's affordability with custom touches, I deliver high-end designs that make your space feel uniquely yours. From bespoke cabinet fronts to tailored layouts, I elevate every detail of your IKEA hacks.

A custom IKEA bedroom storage in Dublin designed by NH.DESIGN Studio.

Bespoke Designs

No two homes are alike, and neither are my IKEA designs. Whether you're envisioning a sleek kitchen or innovative storage solutions, I design each project to reflect your style and meet your specific needs.

A teen bedroom designed with bespoke IKEA solutions, by NH.DESIGN.

International Expertise

Having worked in Germany, Canada, the UK, and Sweden, I offer a world of experience and insights. My unique understanding of IKEA’s products allows me to create sophisticated, personalized designs that truly stand out.

Custom IKEA hacks

Your dream IKEA kitchen, realized

Step into a custom IKEA kitchen designed just for you.

Whether you want sleek minimalism or modern, organic design, I’m here to bring your dream of a custom IKEA kitchen to life.
I make sure every detail, from layout to finishes, fits seamlessly with your lifestyle and style preferences.

"Nobody knows IKEA hacks better than Nadine! My bespoke design pack included a detailed shopping list of all cabinets and components and a description of modifications needed. I cannot recommend Nadine highly enough for anyone seeking personalized design services. It’s a hassle-free bespoke service and I will be back for more in the very near future."
Custom IKEA hack wardrobe design by NH.DESIGN
Custom Bedroom Storage

Custom IKEA hacks

Stylish storage solutions
for smart spaces

Get organized in style!

My custom IKEA storage solutions are here to simplify your life while adding a touch of elegance.

From customized closets and home office designs to laundry room makeovers, my custom IKEA storage solutions combine functionality and style.


I offer custom IKEA designs as both a full-service and virtual interior design service. 

If you want someone to take care of everything from planning to implementation, full-service interior design is for you.

If you don’t mind taking on the work yourself, and want to implement the designs at your own pace, my virtual design services are the right choice.

High-end look without the price tag
Custom IKEA solutions are typically 40-60% less expensive than completely bespoke furniture made by a carpenter.

Flexibility for the future
With custom IKEA solutions you can easily make changes down the line if your needs change.

Shorter timelines
You can pick up most IKEA furniture right away in store or have it delivered quickly.
Getting custom furniture built by a carpenter can take months.

Every project starts with a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss your vision, needs and how I can help.

01. Design Consultation on-site/virtual Start-Up Meeting
For full-service design projects, I’ll come to your home for a consultation to discuss all the details, measure the space etc.

Virtual interior design projects are fully remote, so we have a virtual call to discuss everything.

02. Design concept development
I’ll create a cohesive design concept for you, including floor plans, 3D renderings and all product selections so you know exactly how your space will look in the end.

03. Design documentation
For full-service design projects, I work closely with your contractors to review all the plans so every detail works for you and your needs.

For virtual interior design projects, you’ll receive a detailed PDF design package with everything you need to implement the designs at your own pace.
If you’d like to outsource some tasks to professional trades, you can share the documentation with them, too.

04. Procurement of products and materials, project management
During full-service design projects, I take care of all the ordering, ensuring that everything is organized and on time.

For virtual interior design projects, you get 30 days of support after receiving your design documentation to clarify things for yourself or trades, or to book additional hours for me to order all or some of the products for you.
This support does not include sourcing alternative products or materials.

05. Furniture installation & styling
For full-service design projects, I closely monitor the installation process and come in for the finishing touches at the end.

Virtual design projects are implemented by yourself at your own pace.

Virtual Interior Design projects typically take 3-4 weeks for the whole design process from start to finish.
From there, the timeframe for implementation is up to you.

Full-Service Interior Design projects takes a little longer, usually around between 5-6 months, depending on the level of detail, the size of the home, contractor timelines, and lead times for furnishings and materials.

For each of my custom IKEA design services you get a quote tailored to your project scope and specific needs once I have a better understanding of the details, which is after the first Discovery Call.

To give you a guide what investment to expect, a hallway or bedroom wardrobe/storage solution is priced around 1.000 € / 1.120 USD, while a custom IKEA kitchen is around 2.000 € / 2.240 USD.

I specialize in customizing IKEA products to fit your specific needs and style preferences.

Whether it’s modifying cabinet fronts, integrating unique storage solutions, or creating bespoke furniture pieces, I ensure your space is truly one-of-a-kind.

Yes, I also design home offices, laundry rooms, kids rooms, and any other space you want custom IKEA furniture for.
My goal is to enhance every corner of your home with thoughtful and practical design solutions.

According to the WHO Europe report from 2013, we spend around 90% of our time indoors – reason enough that our living spaces should suit us and our needs.

However, designing your own custom IKEA hacks quickly becomes overwhelming: researching all the different pieces you need, figuring out how to fit them together, finding ways to make IKEA furniture look truly custom, maximizing your space…

I know all this because I’ve worked as deisgner for IKEA for 11 years, so I bring in unique international experience.
My expertise allows me to blend IKEA’s products with custom touches, designing unique spaces that reflect your personality and needs.

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