How to style a bed

When it comes to styling a bed there are some simple steps you can follow to elevate the look and get it right every time.
Sometimes interior design, and especially styling, seems like rocket science but it honestly isn’t that difficult. 

So let’s get into the , surprisingly simple, details for how to style a bed.

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How to style your bed

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Elements of a perfectly styled bed

There are 5 elements to a perfectly styled bed and I’ve created this Illustration you can download so you have it as a handy guide next time you style your bed.

Elements of a perfectly styled bed.
Styling Secrets guide by NH.DESIGN

Styling Secrets

Learn how to style any room in your home like a pro with my Styling Secrets guide.

Step by step guide for how to style a bed

Step 1 - Fitted sheet (and throw)

Choose a fitted sheet with small design details to create a luxurious base and elevated look right from the start.
You can also add a throw instead of a flat sheet to give the bed more texture.

Step 2 -Duvet or quilt

Layer a fluffy duvet or quilt on top and fold the top over once to give it that hotel-like look.

Step 3 - Pillows

Next, add 2 sets of pillows to the bed. One set should match the fitted sheet and the other the duvet or quilt cover. Use down feather pillows for an extra voluptuous look.

line art illustration lightbulb

Pro Tip

For the pillow set that matches your duvet or quilt cover choose pillows that work well with how you sleep.

Step 4 - Decorative cushions

Now the fun part: throw cushions!
Good news first: there is no rule or limit about how many cushions you should have on a bed.
But on the other hand, think practically and where those throw cushions will go overnight. So less is more.
The bigger the bed the more cushions you can get away with without it looking too crowded.
I recommend 1-3 throw pillows per bed, for example a lumbar cushion if you choose 1, and 2 square cushions plus 1 rectangular one if you choose 3.

Step 5 - Throw blanket or bedspread

And last, add a textured throw blanket or bedspread to the foot of the bed. It’s another layer that creates an elevated look.

Design your dream bedroom with this detailed and comprehensive Design Guide by NH.DESIGN.

Design Guide - Bedroom

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With these design tips it’s easy to style your bed like a pro.

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