How to organise your home

At the beginning of the year we all get into this spring cleaning mode and want to declutter, clean and organise our homes.
And it’s the perfect time to take down Christmas decorations and replace them with other seasonal items.

So while you’re packing away old things it’s good to organise and declutter everything.
It seems like a daunting task but with a little structure it’ll be a piece of cake, I promise.

What you’ll find here

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How to organise your home

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Organise your home room by room

Organising an entire home can feel daunting and overwhelming. To make it easier, go room by room. That way you can space out the task of organising a whole house and don’t live in complete chaos.
It’s also easier for you to think about how you want to organise the space if you’re not having to switch between different rooms, functions and activities.

Step 1 - Get an overview

When you organise your home, start by removing everything from cabinets, shelves, boxes etc. Yes, everything! It’s the only sure-fire way to know exactly what things you have and go organising from there.

Step 2 - Categorise everything

Next, decide which things you want to keep or get rid of. 

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Pro Tip

Make multiple piles like keep, throw away and donate/sell.

The things you don’t want or need anymore, put them away right away so they don’t get mixed in with the stuff you want to keep. It’s also going to look a lot cleaner that way.
Divide everything you want to keep into categories based on their functions, e.g. summer and winter clothing in a closet or cooking and baking in a kitchen.

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    Step 3 - Get the right storage (including furniture)

    No matter what, function always comes first (at least in my world). Organisation is all about every piece having its place, finding things easily and making sure you’re not keeping things you don’t use. That’s why the right storage for your things is key to organising your home. The type of storage depends on what you want to organise, your space and personal style, too. It also means having the right furniture to store everything, for example drawers in kitchens (hands down the best way to organise everything).


    Having the right furniture to store all your things is essential to good organisation. 

    Don’t want to see all your stuff every day? Closed storage with doors will be your best friend. Of course this way you might also run into the risk of just shoving things into cabinets, closing the doors and forgetting about them. That’s not the point, so keep reading about how to organise your home.

    See-through containers

    Transparent containers are great to see what you have and make sure you use it (and don’t hold on to things you don’t need). See-through containers are also the perfect solution for organising kids’ rooms because they can easily see what goes where.

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    Pro Tip

    When using see-through containers make sure to organise the things inside by colour. That way it’s not only functional but also beautiful.


    If you prefer nontransparent storage containers, labels are your best friend. They help you find things easily and also come in tonnes of fonts and colours to suit your style. You can even create your own using the free online design tool Canva!

    Baskets & boxes

    Sometimes you might want to bring in a design element to your home organisation. That’s when baskets and beautiful boxes come in handy, especially when you’re storing them on open shelves.

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    Styling Secrets

    Learn how to style any room in your home like a pro with my Styling Secrets guide.

    Step 4 - Organise things using colour

    If you’ve seen The Home Edit on Netflix you know their signature rainbow colour system. Once everything is inventoried and categorised they coordinate the different items by colour. Now you don’t have to create rainbows in every room if that’s not your style, but especially open storage benefits from things being organised by colour. It simply looks more pleasing to the eye, and that way all your things can become part of your decor, too. It’ll also make your home look less cluttered.

    Declutter to get organised

    Sometimes we just have too many things and getting rid of them can be just as daunting as organising them.
    There are some helpful tricks to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you’re trying to declutter to organise your home.

    Pro Tip 1: Get rid of 1 thing a day
    It’s all about breaking down large tasks into smaller, more achievable ones. Getting rid of 1 thing every day will get you decluttered in no time.

    Pro Tip 2: Sorting through clothes
    Closets are one of those spaces that always end up with a lot of things we don’t use. The trick is to turn all the clothes hangers around at the beginning of the year and turn them back when you’re wearing the clothes.
    At the end of the year you can easily see what you’ve been wearing and what can go.

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