How to customize your IKEA kitchen

IKEA kitchens are super popular because they’re great quality, easy to plan and install (even by yourself) and it’s easy to customize your IKEA kitchen.
If you’re after a unique and personal kitchen without the big price tag, IKEA kitchens are the way to go.

Psst, I use METOD and SEKTION kitchen for a lot of bespoke, high-end projects.
Check out my post about other ways to use METOD cabinets across the home, besides your kitchen!

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How to customize your IKEA kitchen
Free resource - NCS paint colour codes for METOD and ENHET kitchen cabinets from IKEA


The Perfect Match

Seamlessly match your bespoke IKEA METOD and ENHET solutions with the perfect paint colours from the NCS colour system. 

    Create a custom look with non-IKEA fronts

    Because IKEA kitchens are so popular, a lot of companies have created fronts and other parts to help you customize your cabinets.
    Depending on your location there are tons of options.

    Superfront is big on, you guessed it, fronts and cover panels, but also offers beautiful legs and handles.
    They deliver almost anywhere in the world but their pieces only fit the METOD or older FAKTUM kitchen cabinets.
    You can order samples of their fronts to see if you like them in your space before ordering.

    To customize your IKEA kitchen in North America, using the SEKTION range, check out Semihandmade. 
    They offer different kinds of doors, from shaker-style over modern minimalist to DIY slabs you can paint in any colour.

    For my favourite brands to customize your IKEA kitchen, grab my free guide From Bland to Bold.

    From Bland to Bold - 5 easy ways to customize your IKEA furniture


    From Bland to Bold

    Transform your IKEA furniture into one-of-a-kind pieces without breaking the bank, and add your own personal touch to create a unique home you love.

      Choose unique hardware

      Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC like changing old hardware, legs or taps to give your IKEA kitchen a more custom look.
      Companies like PrettyPegs, Superfront or Beslagdesign offer beautiful and unique options.

      You can use any kind of handle on IKEA kitchen cabinets because the fronts don’t come with pre-drilled holes.
      Legs are a little different, the cabinets do have holes in the bottom to fit the standard IKEA legs. But you can still change them with a little DIY (if you want a kitchen with exposed legs, that is).

      Getting sinks and taps from somewhere else is another easy way to customize your IKEA kitchen.
      Just make sure the holes for the sinks are cut to the right size inside the countertop and you’re golden.
      When it comes to taps, IKEA does have their own way of connecting the plumbing parts so for that change you might want to get a professional involved. Or buy the extra parts in the hardware store and do it yourself.

      Use filler-pieces and mouldings for a custom, built-in look

      Filling gaps between cabinets and walls or ceilings is an easy way to customize your IKEA kitchen.
      You can take cabinets all the way to the ceiling and finish them with a nice piece of crown moulding. It gives it that built-in look without having to pay for custom cabinets. 

      Another great option is to use cover panels in between each cabinet to give an extra elegant and bespoke look.
      Wrapping cabinets in panels or countertops all the way around, including waterfall countertops on kitchen islands, gives a more unique impression as well.

      Create unique combinations

      Both METOD (metric) and SEKTION (imperial) have unlimited options when it comes to customizing your IKEA kitchen.
      Not everything is possible inside the IKEA planning tool, but it most definitely is in real life.

      Unfortunately the kitchen planners in the stores aren’t allowed to offer all the custom options and solutions that are possible, simply because IKEA would be liable if anything happened.

      That’s when an IKEA expert interior designer like myself can help.
      Check out my virtual interior design services for that!

      Whether you want to have built-in bench seating in your kitchen island or create a unique storage solution, IKEA kitchen cabinets can do it all.

      Also check out my post 10 ways to use IKEA’s METOD cabinets across your home.

      Need help designing your home and pulling it all together?
      Not sure where to start?
      Can’t visualize what it’s going to look like in the end?

      With my virtual and in-person interior design services you get everything you need
      to transform your home into a space you love.

      Book a free Discovery Call with me and let’s chat!

      Wallpaper or paint the fronts and interiors

      If you can’t afford to change your IKEA kitchen fronts, try painting them instead. It’ll change the whole look of your kitchen and make it unique.
      Wallpapering the inside of glass door cabinets is another great way to customize your IKEA kitchen.

      Also read my post about how to paint IKEA furniture.

      Free resource - NCS paint colour codes for METOD and ENHET kitchen cabinets from IKEA


      The Perfect Match

      Seamlessly match your bespoke IKEA METOD and ENHET solutions with the perfect paint colours from the NCS colour system. 

        With these design tips it’s easy to customize your IKEA kitchen and get a unique, high-end look without the price tag.

        Thanks for reading!
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        Take care, Nadine

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