DIY wooden slat wall

Slat walls elevate any space and create an interesting focal point.
Building a DIY slat wall is an easy project you can do in a day or two, depending on how big the wall is.

And the best thing is, you can save a ton of money DIYing your slat wall (because honestly, ordering them from a manufacturer can get quite expensive).

What you’ll find here

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How to build your own DIY slat wall

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Prep & measure the wall

To start you need to measure the wall, both height and width.
Wooden slats come in different length, width and thicknesses so check your local hardware store to see what options you have.

For this wall I’ve chosen slats that are 2400 mm long (94.5″), 29 mm wide (1.14″) and 10 mm thick (0.39″).

Make sure the wall is as even as possible and painted in the colour you want behind and between your slats.
Also decide if you want to paint the slats the same colour as the wall, stain them a darker or lighter wood colour or leave them as is.
I’ve chosen to leave them untreated (for now) and decide later if I want to paint or stain them.

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Pro Tip

If you decide to paint or stain your slat wall, do that BEFORE installing them, it's a lot easier.

Prepping the wooden slats for a DIY slat wall project.

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    The right tools to build your slat wall

    Luckily you don’t need many tools to install your DIY slat wall.

    You’ll need:

    • a saw to cut the slats
    • a nail gun or liquid nails (a type of glue) to attach them to the wall
    • caulk (optional)
    • wood filler
    • measuring tape
    • level

    That’s it!

    Install the wooden slats

    You can stain or paint your DIY slat wall in any colour you want but you can also leave it natural.
    If you do decide to stain or paint the wood, do it BEFORE attaching the slats to the wall.

    Step 1
    Start by cutting the wood to the right length.

    Step 2
    Attach the first slat to the wall with the nail gun or liquid nails. Use the level to make sure the wood is straight (because your walls might not be).

    Step 3
    Measure the distance between your first and 2nd slat and mark it with a pencil.
    Then take the next piece of wood and attach it to the wall. Continue this until the wall is covered.

    Step 4
    Now you can use caulk to cover the edges on the top and bottom if you want, and if there is a visible gap because your ceilings and/or floor might not be 100% level.

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    Pro Tip

    If you decide to remove your baseboards and run the slats to the floor, you might want to consider some kind of other trim to hide the gap between floor and wall.

    Using a square dowel to cover the gap between baseboard and flooring as the slats will run floor to ceiling.
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      Before & after

      Here is what the wall looked like before and after our little DIY slat wall project.
      The wood adds warmth to the area and creates a nice feature wall that’s not overwhelming the small space.

      With these design tips it’s easy to design and build your own DIY slat wall.

      Thanks for reading!
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      Take care, Nadine

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