DIY guest bedroom makeover with EDGE textured wallpaper

The guest bedroom has been on my list for the last little while but then the world took a turn and we couldn’t have any guests over anyway.
So now that we will have family over it was the perfect time to transform the guest bedroom into a calm and cozy oasis.

I didn’t want to spend too much time or money on it though, especially since the “bones” like the bed, wardrobe and flooring were already in place. 

After searching for an easy and timeless way to transform the space, and having been a fan of DetaleCPHs textured paints for years, I was excited to find out about the launch of their new EDGE wallpaper collection.
I just knew this was the perfect way to add subtle texture and colour to the room.

What you’ll find here

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DIY guest bedroom makeover with EDGE wallpaper.

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The before & planning the new guest bedroom

Since I didn’t want to redo the whole room, I decided to work with the pieces that were already there: the large wardrobe works well under the sloping ceiling and the bed is a real space saver when we don’t have guests because it’s 2 single beds stacked on top of each other.

I chose to change the striped curtains to solid coloured ones to make sure they didn’t compete with the wallpaper.
The rug has moved with us across multiple countries and has laid in different rooms but wouldn’t work with what I had in mind for the new guest room. I have yet to find the perfect rug but that’s ok, creating a home takes time.

The wall next to the bed is the perfect spot for the wallpaper because it can be seen walking past the room and creates a beautiful background for the soft bedding. I decided not to hang anything on the wall because I wanted the wallpaper to do the talking.

line art illustration lightbulb

Pro Tip

Choose 1 or 2 focal points or statements for a room, depending on the size.

After creating a Mood Board for the room I started to gather samples of different wallpaper colours and patterns to see them in the space during different times of the day.
That way I could see how the colours changed in different lights, and I could start to visualise which pattern would be best.

I wanted the room to be simple and timeless so I was looking for quite neutral colours and patterns.
After 2 days of looking at the samples in different lights I decided to go with Modern Moscow M4, a taupe/beige (depending on the lighting) colour with swirls that reminded me of Japanese Zen gardens.

line art illustration lightbulb

Pro Tip

Always look at materials in the space they will be used in and see them in different lighting conditions.

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    Let's do this - the installation

    I put up wallpaper before but never one with a pattern and pattern repeat so I used the instructions on the sheet that comes with the wallpaper to make sure I did everything right.

    Getting everything ready

    The wall should be even, clean and dry before applying the wallpaper so I removed small bumps of old paint and electrical outlets first.
    Then I organised all the tools I would need:

    • FIONA non-woven wallpaper glue
    • Paint roller
    • Paint brush
    • Exacto knife
    • Damp cloth or towel

    The instructions recommend to pre-cut all the panels before applying the wallpaper but since I had never put up patterned wallpaper before I decided against that. Modern Moscow M4 has a pattern repeat of 64, which means every 32 cm the pattern repeats itself (slightly confusing, I know). I didn’t want to risk cutting the panels wrong with the pattern repeat so I only cut the first panel and then used the roll to line up the pattern before cutting the next.

    line art illustration lightbulb

    Pro Tip

    If you are cutting all the panels before make sure to leave 5-10 cm on the top and bottom so you can cut a clean line against the ceiling and floor or baseboard.

    Applying the wallpaper

    With the EDGE wallpaper the glue is applied directly to the wall, not the back of the wallpaper panel. So it’s a little bit like painting.
    Simply apply the glue with your paint roller and make sure to go past the panels edges. Stick the wallpaper onto the wall and smoothen it out to get rid of air bubbles. Then cut the top against the ceiling with a sharp Exacto knife and do the same on the bottom again the baseboard or floor. I used a metal filler knife as a guide to get the edges clean and straight.

    The next panel should go up right next to the first, “butting up” as it’s called, because the wallpaper doesn’t shrink when it dries.
    When you smoothen out the next panel make sure to wipe off excess glue that can come out between panels. If you don’t, you’ll be able to see the dried glue once it’s all done.

    Continue this process for the rest of the wall, and voila, your timeless statement wall is done!

    The after - be our guest

    The guest bedroom is (almost) done and I couldn’t be happier!
    Depending on the light the wallpaper colour changes from a warm beige to a beautiful taupe and the pattern is subtle yet makes a statement.
    I can’t wait to invite guests to stay here!

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