5 ways to refresh your home without spending a ton of money

Refreshing your home and giving it a completely new look without spending a fortune sounds like a dream. And it’s actually super easy to make it happen with a handful of surprisingly easy tips and tricks.

I personally don’t like to spend tons of money on new things for my home all the time. It’s expensive, wasteful, time-consuming and let’s be honest, I like my furniture and decor so why would I constantly want to change it?

But sometimes I do want to try a new look, even if it’s just for a little while, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on new things. So I’ve created this guide with the 5 things I do when I’m feeling like refreshing my home.

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5 easy ways to refresh your home without spending a ton of money

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Use textiles to refresh your home

This is one of my favourites! It’s so easy to change the look of a room just by switching out textiles like rugs, curtains or cushion covers. You can switch between colour schemes but also styles as often as you want with this budget-friendly way to refresh your home.

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Pro Tip

Get a sofa with removable covers so you can change those, too, to refresh your home. That way you don’t have to buy a new sofa!

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    Paint your walls for a fresh new look

    Painting an accent wall is another great, inexpensive way to refresh any space. Depending on the colour, paint can transform a room completely.

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    Pro Tip

    Add texture to your walls with board and batten, wallpaper or wooden slats. Here’s my guide about how to build your own DIY board and batten wall.

    The White Guide by NH.DESIGN is a helpful resource to choose the right white paint colour.

    The White Guide

    Not every white is the same, and choosing the right one isn’t easy.

    Learn everything about undertones and how to pick the perfect white paint colour for any room in your home with my White Guide.

    Move furniture and decor around

    Often people think they should buy new furniture or decor to refresh their home. But sometimes moving it around, either in the same room or between rooms, can make a huge difference. A different layout gives a room a completely new look.

    Tackle some DIY projects to refresh your home

    If you’re tired of the look of your furniture or decor but don’t want to replace it, try upcycling it. Paint, new handles or legs can transform any piece of furniture in a matter of hours.

    Also read this post about easy DIY projects that transform your home!

    Switch out lighting

    New light fixtures can make a statement that completely changes the look of a space. I’m personally a big fan of statement lighting and love how it immediately draws your attention to that spot. It’s also super easy and cost effective to switch out a light fixture to refresh your home.

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    Styling Secrets guide by NH.DESIGN

    Styling Secrets

    Learn how to style any room in your home like a pro with my Styling Secrets guide.

    With these design tips it’s easy to refresh your home without spending a ton of money.

    Thanks for reading!
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